PEEX collaboration virtual meeting, 17 june 2020


17 июня состоялся виртуальный Семинар НИЦЭБ РАН и Университета Хельсинки.

Подробная информация о Семинаре (программа, обсуждение, итоги):

PEEX collaboration virtual-zoom-meeting

Доклады и сообщения:

• Levels of ecological safety mapping for the sub-Arctic regions of Russia– Andrei Tronin (slides, video)

• Satellite mapping of ecological risks and damages – Viktor Gornyy (slides, video)

• Mapping of taiga ecosystems evapotranspiration by using results of EOS and flux tower observations – Sergei Kritsuk (slides, video)

• Long-term observations of remote-measured characteristics of Northern Europe ecosystem – Andei Kiselev (slides, video)

• Monitoring and assessing the anthropogenic influence on soil health – Yulia Polyak (slides, video)

• Spectral response of plants on technogenic loadings – Viktor Gruzdev (slides, video)

• Pan-Eurasian Experiment Program – Hanna K. Lappalainen (slides, video)

• Station for Measuring Ecosystem - Atmosphere Relation – Tuukka Petaja (slides, video)


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